Wellness At KORE

Wellness programs at KORE promote healthy living and well-being among Korettes inside and other communities outside.

Stress management

Reducing Stress Through Meditation, Yoga, and Dedicated Relaxation techniques.

Offering stress reduction techniques such as Meditation, Yoga, Dance, Fine Arts and providing relaxation spaces, or organizing workshops on coping with stress.

Health Education

Promoting Health Literacy Through Educational materials

Providing workshops, seminars, or educational materials on topics like nutrition, exercise, sleep, or stress management.

Work-life balance initiatives

Supporting Work-Life Balance Initiatives

Encouraging employees to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Nutritional Support

Offering Nutritional Support Through Educational Workshops

In collaboration with Dr. Aseel Al Saleh.

Providing access to nutritionists or dietitians or hosting educational workshops on healthy eating habits.

Laughter Yoga

Embrace Laughter for Inner Well-being and Joyful Wellness

Join us in discovering the power of laughter to enhance your overall well-being. A unique blend of playful exercises and deep, controlled breathing, is designed to uplift your spirits and reduce stress. 



Starting from 800 SAR / Month

One on One

Starting from 250 SAR / Session


Starting from 125 SAR / Day